Monday, July 29, 2013

Jul 29 (2013) Music and Banking: Thank you Janis Ian!

Illustration shows "J.P. Morgan" as a huge piper, playing a pipe labeled "Merger", leading a pack of diminutive corporate investors labeled "Ship Owner, Bank Pres., Wall Str. Operator, Rail R. Magnate, Broker, [and] Corpor[a]tion Lawyer" followed by the general populace, among them a "Reporter" with a large-frame camera balanced on his knee. In the background, European countries show their displeasure. From

This week I'm learning the art of songwriting.

Today, my songwriting teacher Janis Ian (she wrote At Seventeen, among other greats), reminded me how the seemingly disparate arts of music and banking are indeed connected. Both play a very important role in building community, she explained, and have for a long, long time. "In ancient Rome, there were two things that kept the vast empire together: money and music."

Thanks for the inspiration, Janis!

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