Monday, July 22, 2013

July 4 - A day of celebration and commemoration: Lift your eyes to the great tracts of life yet to be conquered in the interest of peace"

The Great Union 1913 commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg
The 4th of July marks the day in 1776 when the United States Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Continental Congress,

in 1803, theLouisiana Purchase was announced to the American people,

in 1826, both President Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed away,

in 1827, slavery was abolished in New York State,

in 1833, the Iowa Territory was organized,

in 1886, the people of France offered the Statue of Liberty to the United States,

and 100 years ago today, President Woodrow Wilson addressed veterans of the Battle of Gettysburg in the Great Reunion of 1913.

"Friends and Fellow Citizens. I need not tell you what the Battle of Gettysburg meant...but fifty years have gone by since then, and I crave the privilege of speaking to you for a few minutes about what those fifty years have meant...The day of our country's life has but broadened into morning. Do not put uniforms by. Put the harness of the present on. Lift your eyes to the great tracts of life yet to be conquered in the interest of peace, of that prosperity which lies in the people's hearts and outlasts all the wars and errors of men. Come let us be comrades and soldiers yet to serve our fellow men in quiet counsel, where the blare of trumpets is neither heard nor heeded and where things are done which make blessed the nations of the world in peace and righteousness and love."

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